Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Pictures from Bali

Early morning in Sanur
Rice fields in Ubud
The garden in Ubud

It's a bird, it's superman... no, it's just a rather large kite! Flown from the shore at Sanur.

A Balinese music hall - this one at Sanur.

And dances at our villa in Ubud.


  1. Your pix reminds me of my last trip to Bali :)

  2. hey,, try to visit Bandung..
    greetings from AIESEC.. :)

  3. I've been to Bandung twice - enjoyed it both times. My memories are a little bit hazy now, but I'll try to dig into the recesses of my mind and write about it one of these days. :)

  4. Beautiful photos. Gives me an idea of where to travel next..

  5. Wonderful shots! I wish I could have met you in Bali. Have a great week, Pamposh :)

  6. Beautiful! I have this love for Bali and i have never been there (yet).. there is another blogger out there who is in Bali that i follow ~

    between the two of you, I can get Bali ideas & live vicariously through you two. :)

  7. Jeni - Thanks for your comment and thanks for sharing the other blog. I had a look - it's fascinating! Lots of interesting stories about life in Bali. I encourage my readers to have a look.

  8. hi, there! lovely to see someone else posting about's such an easy place to write about and even easier to find photo opportunities around every corner...really enjoyed your pics :)