Friday, July 31, 2009

Bali - Island of the Gods

Just back once again from the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. It is the perfect vacation destination for me - low, rolling hills; green rice fields that calm the heart and bring peace; magnificent volcanoes; seaside; and wonderful, friendly people.
More to follow soon about my latest trip there...


  1. I love seeing your photos anmd hearing about your "wanderings." Unfortunately, our busy-paced life here in New York does not allow me to practice what I preach about the healing power of "down time," vacations, etc. Although I feel blessed in so many ways, travel and seeing beautiful Bali and other parts of the world has not been a luxury I've been able to experience. I'm doing it now, though, through your generosity of spirit which drives you to SHARE.

    Many thanks,

    Love, Linda (Appleman Shapiro)

  2. Linda - Thank you for your lovely note! Actually, sharing my experiences, and my love of travel, brings me great pleasure too. Even more, when people respond. So thanks for making the time to visit my blog and comment on it.