Tuesday, June 23, 2009

W for Wanderlust, weddings, Wandering Pam

ABC Wednesday at mrs. nesbitt's again! This time the letter is W.

W is for this blog - Wandering Pam!
W is for the wanderlust that leads me to travel and to write about my travels on this blog.
W is also for something I saw quite a lot of on my last major round of travels - weddings!

This one I was actually invited to. The bride is Italian, the groom Indian, the ceremonies - mixed and a lot of fun! This is the Indian bit after the wedding vows exchanged in church.
This one I happened upon outside a castle in northern Italy. The couple are leaving the wedding - in a tuk tuk!
And this couple is leaving in a gondola! Where else - of course in Venice.


  1. Oh, I just adore your wedding pictures. Isn't love grand? I could look at those pictures all day!

  2. Wow, these pix look great! Wish I was invited to one of these :) Cheers, Pamposh!

  3. wonderful weddings!

    Thank you for participating in ABC Wednesday!

  4. Fun w!
    I shall visit the links too. Thank you.
    I wonder and wander all the time...

  5. Great W and great photos...I like them all..I love the look on the bride's face in the first shot....are the bride and groom eating ice cream cones in the second....and the last shot is super...

  6. Thank you all for your comments. It's that connection - thru comments - that makes blogging so much fun.
    Carol - yes, indeed they are eating ice cream! Yum Italian gelati. Umm.

  7. These wedding pictures are truly magnificent! The couples are just glowing with happiness!

  8. WONDERFUL..Really great photos. These pictures are really awesome. I really like this post very much. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.