Friday, June 5, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

I'm joining Marie Reed's Postcard Friendship Friday this week with a card I just received from a friend. Do check out the other posts for this Friday at Cpaphil Vintage Postcards.

In this age of instant messages, it's rather nice to receive the odd postcard the old fashioned way, via snail mail. My friend Karishma is the only person I know who regularly sends postcards - I send them sometimes when from my travels. This is Karishma's latest, a picture of a Tibetan Tantric painting. The postcard doesn't tell us much about this painting, I'm afraid except to credit "Surendra's Tibetan Thanka Treasure" for it.


  1. You really have some beautiful postcards, Pamposh! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. A fascinating entry to PFF.
    I am curious about what the image means. It looks like the red figure (a god?) is trampling upon a person. Why?
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Rosidah and Bob.
    Bob: As I note in my post, the postcard itself does not offer an explanation.
    I know from my own (general) reading that Tantric art is highly symbolic. Here are a couple of possibilities in relation to this painting: (i) the fiery image is trampling our own strong negative emotions or delusions; or(ii) the fiery image is a protective image, protecting the dharma in some way, guarding it against some form of threat or corruption.

  4. Howdy
    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday .
    What a beautiful postcard.
    Thank you for sharing .
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy Trails

  5. all the little heads must be symbolic too.

  6. Hi! Quotable Thursday was a blast Pam! My kids think I'm a crazy woman now because I've been mumbling Potia's speech from the Merchant of Venice under my breath for the past couple of days! ((Hugs)) Happy PFF my dear too!

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