Saturday, April 4, 2009

Terataii newsletter - get your copy today!

Free newsletter on holistic health and spirituality.

Here's what readers are saying about it.
Amanda Kay: Thanks for the newlsetter. Great read! I particularly loved the article about the Sri Lankan editor and I checked out your Dad's blog. It's fabulous! It's so great he's doing it, I wouldn't know where to start! I'm glad you included The Instruction, it's a great book.
Manraj Grewal: I loved your newsletter. It's really, really good. In fact, forwarded it to my father, brother and husband as well. The two poems were so moving.
Jill Gale de Villa: Many thanks. Your newsletters are a real upper. They bring me out of the hassle of every day life to remember that if only I will sit for a while, there is another world.

In the latest issue:
- applying Reiki's 5 principles for daily living in difficult times.
- a native American poem on the soul's continuing journey after death.
- a story about dharma.
- links to related sites.
- a book recommendation.
And more...

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