Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Japanese Buddha in Paris

For this week's Postcard Friendship Friday, here are some Buddhist images from an exhibition in Paris.
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Happy PFF all!

A few years ago, I happened to catch a fabulous exhibition of Buddhist art in Paris. This image of a Japanese Maitreya Buddha from Japan was among the beautiful sculptures that had been brought to Paris for the exhibition. It is carved in wood and dates back to the tenth century.

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  1. Wonderful Images...
    Beautiful Craftsmanship!

    April ~ AUTISM Awareness Month~

  2. Just look at these beautifully detailed artworks! It takes a lot of patience to work on them. Have a great weekend, Pamposh :)

  3. Just beautiful! I can't stop looking at those hands, so delicate.

  4. These are beautiful cards - the workmanship is amazing.

  5. I lust love how we get to see this breathtaking sculpture from so many different angles! It's so nice to see you my dear Wandering Pam!