Sunday, April 4, 2010

Singapore Tales: Hungry; go where?

It's great to be back in Singapore. Fabulous green city, with lovely treetop trails and walks through forested areas, unlimited shopping and, of course, amazing food. One of the joys of Singapore has long been that you never need to cook for yourself if you don't want to: eat safely in a scruffy roadside eatery, enjoy a mix of cuisines at a food court, or wine and dine at an upscale restaurant. All these option are as available today as ever, albeit at a higher cost than before - especially if they involve any alcohol, which is pretty highly taxed in Singapore.

There are also a growing number of food-by-phone or food-via-the-Net options. Your choice of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Middleastern food is delivered to your home. Such luxury. You can look up your cuisine options and menus online, then order via the Net or on the phone.

So, you are ready to eat but don't have food at home. What's the first thought that passes through your head? I'm hungry. And then, knowing there's no food at home: Where should I go? A clever company has captured these basic thoughts into perfect Singlish (Singapore English) for their website:! Knowing that, how can one even think of typing out any other address for food delivery! Brilliant.

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